What happens to DJs when the lights go out and that, exhausted, they make their way home? What does life look like, the real life of those artists that make us sweat on the dancefloors? The best way to know is to go and put our steps in theirs, in those moment of that less known part of their life.

For our premiere, we went for a tour with DJ and producer, The Hacker. His city? Grenoble. As opposed to “his” Miss Kittin, who composed with him two stunning albums and the hit “Frank Sinatra”, The Hacker -Michel Amato, on his passport- never left their home town hidden in the depth of the Isere valley. And he certainly never will.

In our comfy sedan graciously lended by Infiniti, camera in our hand and after a seven hours journey from Paris under the rain, we arrive in Grenoble, by a cold mid-February night. Grenoble in the middle of Winter is not the idea one has of an ideal excursion. But coming back from the ride around Grenoble -which, by the way, stays the best way to learn about a place, and your tour guide- we were unanimous: cold and almost hostile at first, we eventually find in them a really likeable warmth and simplicity. A small journey in the shoes of Michel Amato, the man behind The Hacker.

Amato - Le Désordre et La Nuit EP, 13/07/16 on Minimal Wave