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In Tunesia several attacks, which were attributet to the Islamic State, hit the country since last year. But some people refuse to give in to terror. Samy Mhenni, Tunisian, 42, is one of those. Like many in Tozeur, a city located in the southwest of Tunis, tourism is usually their livelihood, but there are no more tourists. However, that did not stop the forty-year-old to take the reins of an electronic music festival. And the event brought together 3,000 people, mostly Tunisians.

"Some are dancing for the first time to electronic music. They who, for the most part, have lost their jobs due to the collapse of the tourism industrie. The ones who have become targets of Daesh."

Directed by Jérôme Bermyn for the broadcast "Supplément" of Canal+, the reportage on the festival Sounds of Sahara, named "Electro Against Daesh", was filmed a week before the clashes between terrorists and security forces, which took place on 7th March in the city of Ben Guerdane, 300 kilometers away from of Tozeur.

We can't do more than recommend to watch the television report here:

Editor's note: This festival is not to be confused with the Dunes Electronics, organized by some French, at the exact same spot. Two editions were filmed in 2014 and 2015 and this year, unfortunately, they had to be put on standby because of the current political situation.