Must see: 9h of Carl Cox’ last set at his Space Ibiza residency

Vinyl only.

2016-09-22 13:49:00 - By Sylvain Di Cristo
Parisian techno boom featured in a new documentary

Watch The Underground Sound of Paris now.

2016-08-31 16:50:00 - By Smaël Bouaici
A weekend in Paris: three days in the heart of Paris' youth

The mini-documentary shot on the dancefloors of the Weather Festival and We Love Green.

2016-07-21 16:05:00 - By Trax Magazine
Netherlands: a great hardcore festival pays tribute to Nice terror victims

When hardcore becomes "heart-core" w/Dominator

2016-07-18 11:25:00 - By Maelys Peiteado
One artist, one city, one car : A ride with... The Hacker

The first episode of Trax's new video podcast is there! A journey in the shoes of Michel Amato, the man behind The Hacker.

2016-07-13 11:00:00 - By Trax Magazine
A deeply immersive documentary on the 'dream' life of a DJ resurfaces

Eat, sleep, plane, repeat.

2016-06-28 15:46:00 - By Théodore Hervieux
Boiler Room replica from Nice kicks off for the first time – in an apartment

We're serious. And it's happening on the sidelines of the Crossover Festival.

2016-05-09 11:00:00 - By Sinah Vonderweiden
Sounds of Sahara, the festival trying to fight ISIS

"Some are dancing for the first time to electronic music. They who, for the most part, have lost their jobs due to the collapse of the tourism industrie. The ones who have become targets of Daesh."

2016-03-17 10:20:00 - By Sinah Vonderweiden

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