1/ Suicide – Suicide LP [Red Star]

This is the first techno record I heard (by my definition). I first heard it in the mid 80’s and it really changed my world. It doesn’t matter how many times I go back and listen to it, it’s always an inspiration. A masterpiece.

2/ Faust – Seventy One Minutes Of… [ReR]

Another great inspiration for me. Dramatic and sonically brave. They took the rules book and tore it up. I remember playing this to a friend of mine and he described it as being like a mental assault course.

3/ Coil – Love’s Secret Domain [Threshold House]

Coil are the masters of many alternate universes. This album covers so much ground and gently grazes the early rave scene. Truly lysergic.

4/ Regis - Speak To Me [Downwards]

Massive, relentless, and brutal hypnotism.

5/ Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent) [Axis]

A huge wall of sound from Jeff Mills. Often imitated, never bettered. All the other tracks on this varied release are worth checking too.

6/ Joey Beltram - Life Force [Trax Records]

This whole record is full of forgotten gems.

7/ Ron Trent - Altered States [Warehouse Records]

"Strings of Life" never really meant anything to me. This was always THE emotional techno anthem for me.

8/ Sarah Davachi - Qualities of Bodies Permanent [Constellation Tatsu]

Beautiful, subtle and psychoactive tones.