Photo en Une : © Sky High Photography

The South by South West Festival, better known under the pseudonym SXSW, is blowing out the 30th candle on it's birthday cake. This yearly gathering, which takes place in Austin, Texas, comes along in a series of events mostly concerning three main themes: cinema, interactive media, and, of course, music.

In 2005, the organisers wanted to offer systematically and besides the festival plenty of music samples of the artists presented at the event. A beautiful continuing tradition ever since, and - making the festival every year even more important - the number of free downloads has also constantly grown, to the delight of the internet users.

To benefit, no need of visiting the event in person. Simply go to the festival website where two streams were provided, summing up more than 1,600 pieces (approximately 10 GB) of electronic music – but also jazz, hip-hop, rock and other sweet surprises. Oh, and it is getting even better: The whole music archive, sorted by different groups who played at SXSW since 2005, is also ready to download. It's already a little bit Easter before it's even time, right?