Photo en Une : Tour A'Dam

Located on one of the shores of IJ (the lake that divides Amsterdam) and at the other side of the historic center, Shelter (accessible by ferry) will open its doors October 3, followed by its “international inauguration” to be held October 20 during ADE (October 19 to 23). They couldn’t have picked a better time… To kick things off, the club will host scottish DJ Jackmaster and from Holland, Tom Trago, as well as labels like Clone Records and the Spaniards of Semantica. 

The dance floor is located in the basement of A’DAM  Tower (Amsterdam Dance and Music), a 22 story-high building located behind the Central Station. Recently renovated, it also houses restaurants, clubs, offices, several music labels as well as event producers.  

The club has been described as “industrial chic interior with concrete walls” containing a solid sound system perfectly suited for house and techno parties.
It holds around 700 people. Staff is led by manager Merijn van den Heuvel (Club AIR Amsterdam), AD and booker Kolja Verhage (Club Trouw, LET), and publicist Milan van Ooijen (Deep House Amsterdam).

Extra added bonus: The city has given them a 24 hour license. So there will be plenty of opportunity for extended sets and endless dancing all weekend long.

The Shelter website (still in countdown mode), its Facebook page et Instagram.

Address : Shelter, Overhoeksplein 3, 1031KS, Amsterdam