Four years after its first edition, and after having put Innervisions' soundsystem in several places around Europe, Lost In A Moment just saw its authorization for this weekend's event being removed by the authorities.

In the light of the recent saddening attack in Nice, the local authorities have decided that they could not assure the safety of the event and therefore revised their decision to give the event the permission to be held. Leaving the organizers with their backs against the wall at the eve of the scheduled party.

After negotiations with the city council the organizers were able to relocate in another venue, a green area just outside the small town. To add to this already dreadful situation they have only been allowed to hold the event on one night instead of the two originally planned. Although the location played a great deal in the event's attractiveness, party-goers can still rely on Ame, Dixon and their guest Na'Sayah to spend a timeless and idyllic moment.

This comes as a really hard news for Lost In A Moment's organizers as they already had to cancel their event in Spain a few weeks ago and relocate the one in the Netherlands last year. While they often offer quite extraordinary locations this obviously entails more difficulties than regular events. We can only hope that the Sunday will go well and wish that Lost In A Moment will not have to face such adversity in the future.