A new date needs to be added to the agenda of all science fiction fans: April 26. This day is the "Alien Day", in reference to the planet LV426 from the film Aliens by James Cameron. The online shop is selling goodies that are related to movies and series, Mondo chose subtly that particular day to release a vinyl edition of the soundtrack of the movie Aliens. The vinyl, available in a limited edition, will be filled with yellow liquid, referring to the famous movie monster. Only 75 copies will be pressed. You can get them from Tuesday, April 26 on at the Mondo website as well as in the cinema Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.

It's less than a year ago that James Horner passed away at the age of 61. This certain film music producer was especially known for being one of the first who included electronic music elements into his pieces. He worked a lot with James Cameron and produced some of the most famous soundtracks of the Seventh Art, cinema (Titanic, The Name Of The Rose, Apollo 13 and as well Avatar).