Photo en Une : © Shauna Regan

In 1992 (24 years ago!), Jeff Mills splitt off from Underground Resistance, the collective label he had created three years earlier along with notably Robert Hood. 

This March 10, the pioneer of Detroit techno announced the foundation of a new jazz fusion group named Kobe Sessions, together with Gerald Mitchell who is also a former celebrity of their collective Underground Resistance, and two Japanese musicians, the keyboardist Yumiko Ohno and bassist Kenji Hino.

Jeff Mills The Kobe SessionsFrom left to right : Jeff Mills, Kenji Hino, Gerald Mitchell, Yumiko Ohno. 

One would have suspected : the four were already coming together for the Today's Art festival in Kobe on last September 19th, for an event called ... "The Kobe Session"! A vinyl is already in the works. Its release is expected for the month of May which is corresponding to the recording of this unusual performance. Reportedly, a tour will start in autumn.

In the process, Jeff Mills plans to launch the "Axis Audiophile Series", a series of high-quality recordings: This will be some vinyls of 180g, delivering a sound encoded in 32-bit/48kHz. Can't wait to see if it will kick in.