Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen: “We could have been voodoo percussionists”
Il faut courir assister aux DJ sets de l’Israélien Moscoman, et voici pourquoi en 1H de son

L'éclectique Moscoman nous délivre un mix acid house délicat et succulent aux influences orientales et new wave, dans la lignée de son excellent EP Royal Amphibien International (à écouter sur notre SoundCloud). Rencontre avec cet amoureux de la culture israélienne, puisant dans les fresques musicales des années 70-80 pour les amener vers une musique électronique moderne.

2017-05-29 16:26:00 - Par Angelina Paolini
Perc sums up his label in 10 pounding tracks

Londoner Ali Wells aka Perc remains a key figure in the UK's industrial techno resurgence, the worthy heir to Surgeon's pre-British Murder Boys throne. Since his label Perc Trax's first release in 2004, the warehouse king has been leading the cavalry of artists making techno that is as brutal as it is cathartic, including Truss, Sawf, Salmon & Gonno, Go Hiyama and more recently Ansome and AnD. Ahead of the Possession x Perc Trax label night in Paris on 18th November, where he's billed alongside Randomer, Ansome (live), Truss, Bleaching Agent and Possession resident Parfait, we asked Perc to make us a playlist of 10 highlights from his label's back catalogue. However, it was simply "impossible to choose", so he decided instead to give us 10 tracks to sum up the label's current direction. No prisoners taken.

2016-11-03 17:00:00 - Par Sylvain Di Cristo
Listen to the music created by Cashmere using handmade keyboards

Joris Biesmans aka Cashmere is a 100% DIY man with a passion for music and technology. Drawn in by Berlin’s sparkling music scene, the Belgian newcomer recently settled in the city. Sound engineer in Berlin club Watergate, he spends all his free time constructing synthesizers. Fed up of the huge amount of – as he puts it – “fast food music” that ram-raids its way into the charts nowadays, he's chosen to deliver a counterweight with his project TVe – The Virtual escape. Driven by experiment and technology, he implements his own homemade hardware to tell a story that reverberates beyond the purely sonic. The first EP on his eponymous label “TVe Recordings” is called Farewell and will be out on 7th November. TVe001 includes remixes from both ASOK and Legowelt, and is the first volume in a tryptich of records to come. Worth following. Stay tuned.

2016-11-02 11:32:00 - Par Trax Magazine

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